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Information for participants

Registration at the conference office

Please note that guests of PTB need to sign in the reception building on the first day. You will get there also additional information about the PTB-campus, parking etc. This will not be necessary when you wear the ISHPMIE 2022 badge or using the shuttle busses.

Please register also at the conference office upon first arrival. The office is located at the front entrance of the PTB seminar centre. The conference office is staffed during the entire symposium week: +49 531 592-9784,

Venue on the PTB campus

The Symposium will be held in the Seminar Centre on PTB campus in Braunschweig (Map of PTB Campus in Braunschweig).

Please pay attention to the ISHPMIE 2022 signage on the premises.

 (please klick to enlarge)

How to reach PTB site by bus or by car

Shuttle busses are provided from the three conference hotels InterCity Hotel, Michel Hotel and Pentahotel in Braunschweig City. The timetable of the shuttle busses can be found here.

Bus stops:                Pentahotel and Michel Hotel in front of the hotel
                                InterCity Hotel via bus stop "Willy-Brandt-Platz"
The busses are labelled at the front top with the German word ‘Sonderfahrt’ and they will have the ISHPMIE 2022 Logo in the window.

If you miss the bus or arrive in between, please take Line 461 to PTB (bus stops are close to the hotels). Bus stop ‘Hauptbahnhof’ (Railway main station) for InterCity and Michel Hotel every 30 minutes at x:10 and x:40), Bus stop ‘John-F.-Kennedy-Platz’ near Pentahotel every 30 minutes at x:13 and x:43).

Please use this link for information on public transport in Braunschweig:

If you arrive by car, please use this link for 'GPS information' about the PTB seminar center.

Regulations regarding the corona pandemic

Please note the current regulations on the Corona Pandemic. These may change before or during the conference.

Entry regulations to Germany:

Public transport in Braunschweig: FFP2/KN95 masks are mandatory on public buses and trams in Braunschweig. It may result in a penalty if you fail to do so.

Regulations on PTB campus:

  • No access restrictions for access by non-employees.
  • Personal responsibility for actions: We strongly recommend that
    - you continue to observe the hygiene standards that have now become commonplace,
    - you self-test regularly,
    - you wear an FFP2/KN95 mask in situations with an increased risk of infection.
  • Events and meetings: The regular seating capacity may again be used for all auditoriums and event areas. The FFP2 mask requirement has been lifted but wearing an FFP2/KN95 mask may be recommended if the situation demands.

In your own interest and on your own responsibility, please do a Covid-19 rapid test before you come to the conference! Please only come to the conference if you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms.

We have created online options for the presentation of contributions in case you become infected with Covid-19 as a speaker. In this case, please contact the conference office.

Public transport tickets (9€ ticket) - Pay once, go anywhere

The German government introduced a general 9€ ticket in the months of June, July and August. With this ticket you can use all public transport systems and local trains throughout Germany for the whole calendar month (July) for the price of 9 €. The ticket is personalized and can be purchased from Deutsche Bahn or any local transport carrier. All you have to do with the journey is take your ticket and an ID card or passport with you as proof of identity.

We recommend that you purchase such a ticket online (before your trip to Braunschweig or at arrival)! In addition to the other benefits, you can use it on all busses and trams during July and the conference week without having to worry about buying tickets.