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Region of science

Braunschweig (also called Brunswick, hometown of Carl Friedrich Gauß) is a city of 250.000 inhabitants in the southeast of the German state of Lower Saxony and almost in the geographic centre of Germany. It is a historic, formerly very important Hanseatic City and capital of a duchy. Braunschweig has very beautiful historical buildings, a great cultural offer and allows an interesting insight into German history.

The Braunschweig region is an important European location for science and research. Braunschweig has been the most intensive region for research and development within the European Union since 2007 in terms of R & D expenditure. Over 20.000 students study at three Universities. Braunschweig’s brain boxes teach, carry out research and work at 27 research institutions and 250 companies in the high-tech sector. The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft awarded Braunschweig the title "City of Science" for the year 2007.