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ISSA-Symposium at ISHPMIE 2022 regarding the competence of employees in explosion protection „Explosion Prevention – safe technology is not enough – personal competence is mandatory“

But there are safe devices, why would one need training in explosion protection?

To be able to work safely in hazardous areas safety measures must be implemented. Training employees regarding explosion protection is a key requisite to ensure the effectiveness of said measures. But achieving this competency is a challenge for everyone whose employees fulfil tasks or work in areas where explosion hazards can occur. This is equally true in research as it is in the context of trade or industry. A current standardisation project (draft IEC 60079-44) shows how acute this topic is: The intention is to describe an organisational basis that ensures the qualification of all employees and that can also be reviewed by auditors.

Internationally there is a general consensus regarding the requirement of employees that are suitable and sufficiently trained in explosion protection according to their tasks. Nationally there are differences, however, in how this is to be achieved by employers and which regulations are to be followed.

  • In Germany Technical Rules substantiate the national health and safety ordinances (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRGS) and Technical Rules for Operational Safety (TRBS)). A mandatory standardisation of organisational OSH measures is however rejected (‘Gemeinsamer Deutscher Standpunkt’ (GDS), 1993).
  • In contrast to this in Austria a standardisation (Ö-Norm Z 2200) regulates the requirements regarding know-how and experience of suitable and competent employees in the context of explosion protection.
  • In France there are a kind of ‘good practice recommendations’ for the health and safety in certain areas of work, that are agreed with the authorities and realise the OSH regulation requirements.

ISSA already supports the training of employees by providing international schooling materials for explosion protection. For a more active participation the ISSA Section Chemistry is hosting the symposium ‘Explosion Prevention – safe technology is not enough – personal competence is mandatory’ on the afternoon of the 14th July 2022 at ISHPMIE:

  • The entire life span of Ex-equipment – from purchasing over set-up and use to modifications – will be examined with practical examples. This will show that everyone involved – depending on their task – needs the appropriate know-how in explosion protection to ensure that all tasks can safely be executed with safe equipment.
  • Speakers from Austria and France will present their different approaches:
    These will be demonstrated by looking closer at the requirement for a risk assessment and an explosion protection concept respectively by looking into the French general concept for the qualification regarding explosion protection.
  • The pros and cons of the different approaches will be the topic of a panel discussion.

This shall allow everyone to determine which aspects are helpful and effective for their specific situation so the required competence in explosion protection can be achieved most efficiently.
The language of the congress is English.

Please find the ISSA program here!